Warley Wasps

Welcome to the Warley Water Polo website.  Warley was established in 1888 and plays in the Midland and Wrekin Leagues.  The club is situated about 3 miles west of Birmingham, in Bearwood, West Midlands, B67 5QY, England.

Latest News!!

  • Youth team Warley beat Wellington 21 v 9 at home, 16th May.
  • Warley B lose away to Solihull 15 v 10 Sun 22nd April

Midland Youth League 2018

Warley  21 v 9  Wellington Wed 16th May

Warley Youth quickly put their stamp on this game as they swept to a 7 v nil score in the 1st quarter of the game.  However, this didn’t put Wellington off as they won the 2nd quarter 2 v 3.  The second half was almost a repeat of the first with Warley dominating the 3rd, 6 v 1 and then struggling to repeat those giddy heights in the 4th, just outscoring Wellington 6 v 5.  Special mention goes to Tobias Ishaque making an excellent debut in Goal, Anil Sivakumar scoring his first goal and Jacen Wilkes on fulfilling the 10 goal target set prior to the start of the game.

End of quarter scores 1st 7 v 0, 2nd 2 v 3, 3rd 6 v 1 and 4th 6 v 5.

Warley players and scorers in brackets: Tobias Ishaque (G/K, debut), , Lorcan Halstead (2 goals), Jacen Wilkes (10 goals), Priya Kennedy (1 goal), Kealan Cheadle (4 goals), Matthew Jones (1 goal), Luka Murphy (1 goal), Anil Sivakumar (2 goals), Arnav Tyagi  (2 goals) and Aaryan Tyagi (DNP).

Next game: Coventry v Warley, Sunday 10th June (Evening start)

Midland Youth League Table 2018

Midland League Division One – 2018

KO Final 2015Warley B  8 v 26  Warley A

Wasps do the double over the Bees.  In this second encounter Bees started off well, at one stage in the first quarter the score was 4 v 5 but lost ground in the middle two quarters

Quarter scores: 1st  4 v 7,  2nd 1 v 6,  3rd 0 v 6 & 4th  3 v 7

Warley A players & scorers in brackets: John Halstead (G/K), Graham Harrington (2 goals), Aaron Moorfield (2 goals), Nathan Wilkes (1 goal), Alex Parsonage (9 goals), John Pridden, Drazen Videc (3 goals), Cam Dallow (1 goal, Junior),  Roger Kennedy (6 goals), Nick Burrows (Captain) & Dave Lane (2 goals).  Coach Chris Dickinson.

Next game: KO Cup 1st round, Warley (0)  v Worcester (8), Wednesday 28th March, 8:45pm

Division One League Table 2018


Winter Leagues 2017-18

Midland Junior League

Warley 6 v 10  Northampton  Wed 7th Mar 2018

Unlucky to be 3 v 4 down at halftime Warley’s U18’s increased their number of missed passes and therefore failed to convert chances in the 2nd half. 

End of quarter scores were 1 v 1, 2 v 3, 1 v 3 & 2 v 3.

Players and scorers for Warley were:  Simon Halstead (G/K), Andrew Sunderland (1 goal), Kacper Brandys, Matthew Dixon (1 goal), Sam Thompson, Lorcan Halstead, Emlyn Morris, Stephen Bond, Filip Koziankiewiez (2 goals) and Cam Dallow (2 goals).

Next game:  Next season (Oct 2018)

See latest Midland Junior League Table for 2017-18 season.

Wrekin League

Hornets 18 v 4 Worcester     29th Nov 2017 

End of quarter scores were 3 v 0, 4 v 0, 5 v 3 & 6 v 1.

Hornets players and scorers in brackets were Simon Halstead (G/K), Andrew Sunderland (Junior, 2 goals), Aaron Moorfield (2 goals), Will Cornish (2 goals), Graham Harrington (1 goal), Nathan Wilkes (4 goals), Filip Koziankiewiez (Junior), Bradley Iles (Captain, 1 goal), Kacper Brandys, (Junior, 1 goal),  Roger Kennedy (4 goals) and John Pridden (1 goal).

Next game:   Sunday 11 th February,  Boldmere v Hornets

Wasps team at Wellington 7th Nov 2015 featuring the latest Father (John) and Son (Simon Halstead) duo.

Wasps team at Wellington 7th Nov 2015 featuring the latest Father (John) and Son (Simon Halstead) duo.




Wasps 17 v 4 Warwick   21st Feb 2018

A youngish Warwick team couldn’t cope with Wasps Serbian magician. Drazen Videc scored an amazing 13 goals.

End of quarter scores: 3 v 0, 4 v 1, 5 v 1 & 5 v 2

Wasps players and scorers in brackets were John Halstead (G/K), Will Merryweather (1 goal), Gareth Cheadle (1 goal), Sam Dallow, Sam Thompson (Junior, DNP, ill), Drazen Videc (13 goals), Alex Parsonage (DNP), Adam Whitehall (DNP), Eddy Smart (1 goal), Nick Burrows (Captain), Lorcan Halstead (Youth player, School Trip) and Cam Dallow (Junior, played but was ill).

Next game:  Wellington v Wasps, Tuesday, 27th February, 8:55 warm-up