Warley Wasps

Welcome to the Warley Water Polo website.  Warley was established in 1888 and plays in the Midland and Wrekin Leagues.  The club is situated about 3 miles west of Birmingham, in Bearwood, West Midlands, B67 5QY, England.

Latest News!!

  • Youth team lose away to Northampton 14 v 6, Sat. 22 Sept
  • Warley A win at home against City of Coventry 22 v 7 Wed 12th Sept
  • Warley B lose at home against Solihull 11 v 20 Wed 5th Sept

Midland Youth League 2018

Northampton B 14 v 6 Warley  Sat. 22nd Sept

Warley won two quarters and lost two quarters, but what decided the outcome of this game in favour of the home team was our wins were not as big as the home team’s.  

End of quarter scores 1st 6 v 0, 2nd 2 v 3, 3rd 6 v 1 and 4th 0 v 2.

The 1st quarter is a common problem, insufficient time to warm-up properly after a long journey, away teams often come unstuck with the new conditions.  A golden rule is to concentrate on defence until you have acclimatised. Then having won the 2nd quarter we lost the third, mainly due to misplaced shots.  With two players making their debut in this game the team finally gelled to win the final quarter without reply from the home team.  Well done everyone!!

Warley players and scorers in brackets: Tobias Ishaque (G/K),  Lorcan Halstead (1 goal),  Priya Kennedy (1 goal), Kealan Cheadle (3 goals), Luka Murphy, Aaryan Tyagi, Daniel Reeves, Liam Lang (Debut and scored 1 goal) and Henry Trevis (Debut).

Next game:  HGSOB v Warley, Friday 28th Sept. 8:20pm

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Midland League Division One – 2018

KO Final 2015  Warley A

Warley A  22 v  7  City of Coventry

Wasps were not firing on all cylinders until the final quarter.  In the first quarter Coventry offered mainly defensive play and Warley scored five goals without reply. The away team just managed to get on the scoresheet towards the end of the quarter (5 v 1). The second quarter was much more evenly balanced with both teams scoring 3 goals (Half-time score 8 v 4).  At one point, in the 3rd quarter, the score was 8 v 5 and Coventry looked the better team.  Fortunately, the Wasps woke up scoring 5 goals to Coventry’s 2 goals (score at the end of 3rd quarter 13 v 6).  The last quarter play was much more energetic, with three players scoring hat-tricks (Roger K, Drazen V & Alex P) (4th quarter score 9 v 1 to win the game 22 v 7).

Wasps Team:  Players and scorers in brackets were John Halstead (G/K), Aaron Moorfield (1 goal), Graham Harrington (2 goals), Nathan Wilkes (3 goals), Roger Kennedy (3 goals), John Pridden, Adam Sperry (Debut, 2 goals), Drazen Videc (4 goals), Nick Burrows, Cam Dallow (Junior) and Alex Parsonage (7 goals).  See below for next game.

Warley B  11 v 20  Solihull

This game was  initially cancelled because Solihull only had 6 players so the pool was cancelled, referees told not to come and our players were informed that the game was off. Then 2 hours later Solihull said the had 7 players so everything was reversed. Few casualities, one referee and a Warley player.

Bees struggled to organise themselves in the 1st quarter (2 v 7), possibly due to the summer break, and were always playing “comeback”.  However, in the following quarters the difference between the two teams was much closer. Scores for the 2nd to 4th quarters being 2 v 3, 2 v 2 & 5 v 8.          

Bees Team:  Players and scorers in brackets were Simon Halstead (Junior, G/K), Will Merryweather, Sam Dallow, Sam Thompson (Junior), Adam Whitehall (6 goals), Eddy Smart, Matt Dixon (Junior, 2 goals),Bradley Iles (Captain), Dan Carver (1 goal), Lorcan Halstead (Youth player) and Cam Dallow (Junior, 2 goals).

Next games:        

  • Boldmere  v  Warley A,   Sun 23rd Sept.
  • Warley B  v  HGSOB,  Wed 26th Sept.
  • Midland League Tables, goal scorers, click this link:  Division One League Table 2018


Winter Leagues 2017-18

Midland Junior League

Warley 6 v 10  Northampton  Wed 7th Mar 2018

Unlucky to be 3 v 4 down at halftime Warley’s U18’s increased their number of missed passes and therefore failed to convert chances in the 2nd half. 

End of quarter scores were 1 v 1, 2 v 3, 1 v 3 & 2 v 3.

Players and scorers for Warley were:  Simon Halstead (G/K), Andrew Sunderland (1 goal), Kacper Brandys, Matthew Dixon (1 goal), Sam Thompson, Lorcan Halstead, Emlyn Morris, Stephen Bond, Filip Koziankiewiez (2 goals) and Cam Dallow (2 goals).

Next game:  Next season (Oct 2018)

See latest Midland Junior League Table for 2017-18 season.

Wrekin League

Hornets 18 v 4 Worcester     29th Nov 2017 

End of quarter scores were 3 v 0, 4 v 0, 5 v 3 & 6 v 1.

Hornets players and scorers in brackets were Simon Halstead (G/K), Andrew Sunderland (Junior, 2 goals), Aaron Moorfield (2 goals), Will Cornish (2 goals), Graham Harrington (1 goal), Nathan Wilkes (4 goals), Filip Koziankiewiez (Junior), Bradley Iles (Captain, 1 goal), Kacper Brandys, (Junior, 1 goal),  Roger Kennedy (4 goals) and John Pridden (1 goal).

Next game:   Sunday 11 th February,  Boldmere v Hornets

Wasps team at Wellington 7th Nov 2015 featuring the latest Father (John) and Son (Simon Halstead) duo.

Wasps team at Wellington 7th Nov 2015 featuring the latest Father (John) and Son (Simon Halstead) duo.




Wasps 17 v 4 Warwick   21st Feb 2018

A youngish Warwick team couldn’t cope with Wasps Serbian magician. Drazen Videc scored an amazing 13 goals.

End of quarter scores: 3 v 0, 4 v 1, 5 v 1 & 5 v 2

Wasps players and scorers in brackets were John Halstead (G/K), Will Merryweather (1 goal), Gareth Cheadle (1 goal), Sam Dallow, Sam Thompson (Junior, DNP, ill), Drazen Videc (13 goals), Alex Parsonage (DNP), Adam Whitehall (DNP), Eddy Smart (1 goal), Nick Burrows (Captain), Lorcan Halstead (Youth player, School Trip) and Cam Dallow (Junior, played but was ill).

Next game:  Wellington v Wasps, Tuesday, 27th February, 8:55 warm-up