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Welcome to the Warley Water Polo website.  Warley was established in 1888 and plays in the Midland and Wrekin Leagues.  The club is situated about 3 miles west of Birmingham, in Bearwood, West Midlands, B67 5QY, England.

Latest News!!

  • Youths win at home against Solihull 23 v 9 (May 10th)
  • Youths currently Top Midland Youth League (Click on link)
  • Matt Dixon & Emlyn Morris top Goal Scoring Chart (Click on LINK, then, tick “Youth” box, click “Goals” & click “UPDATE”
  • Bees win away at Boldmere 6 v 9 (May 7th)
  • Wasps win away at City of Coventry 12 v 22 (Apr 5th)
  • Warley (0 handicap) scored 18 goals to beat Oxford (8) in the K.O. Cup 15 v 18, Mon 20th March
  • Congratulations to the Women’s team on securing the 2016-17 Midland League Title!!
  • Warley A,   Warley B   and   Warley Youth  (Click on the team to go to MWPL website).

Midland Youth League 2016

Warley 23 v 9 solihull

Warley Youth Team 2017 (New photo STILL needed, please remind us or bring a phone/camera)

Warley were short on players due to exams, but they soon took control, scoring after just 12 seconds and with all outfield players either scoring or having shots they  dominated the second half.  End of quarter scores were 7 v 4, 4 v 3, 6 v 1 & 6 v 1.  Special mention should be given to Simon Halstead for not only stopping most of Solihull’s shots, but also providing most of the “assists” to the outfield players. Certainly Matt Dixon and Emlyn Morris benefited greatly from his distribution.  Emlyn’s confidence increases with every game and the total of twelve goals from Matt is on a par with what some of the best players Warley has ever produced could do at his age.

Warley players and scorers in brackets: Simon Halstead (G/K), Matthew Dixon (12 goals), Lorcan Halstead (1 goal), Emlyn Morris (5 goals), Arnav Tyagi,  Jacen Wilkes (1 goal), Asha Gurung (2 goals), Priya Kennedy (2 goals).

Next game: Warwick v  Warley, Sun 18th June

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Midland League Division One

KO Final 2015Coventry  12 v 22  Warley A

Due to illness, Warley travelled to Coventry without their top goal scorer Alex Parsonage, but those who played managed to maintain a high scoring rate throughout.  End of quarter scores were 4 v 6, 3 v 5, 3 v 5 & 2 v 6.

Warley players: John Halstead (G/K), Roger Kennedy (6 goals for the 2nd game running), Graham Harrington (5 goals) , Dave Lane (2 goals), Aaron Moorfield (2 goals), Nathan Wilkes (2 goals), Nick Burrows (Captain, 2 goals), John Pridden (3 goals), Phil Croft  and Coach Chris Dickinson.

Next game: Warwick A v Warley A, Sun 23rd April

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Midland League Division Two

Boldmere B  6 v 9  Warley B

The Bees win their second game of the season, away at Boldmere.  The game was virtually won in the first half  with the Bees winning the first and second quarters 2 v 3 & 0 v 4.  The home team slightly got the better of Warley in the second half, but this was partially due to Phil Croft and Nathan Wilkes being “harshly” dressing roomed having scored 6 goals between them in the first half.  

Warley players Eddy Smart (G/K), Bradley Iles (Captain), Will Merryweather, Adam Whitehall (1 goal), Sam Dallow, Andrew Sunderland (Junior), Filip Koziankiewiez (Junior, 1 goal), Kacper Brandys (Junior), Cam Dallow (Junior), Sam Thompson(Junior), Nathan Wilkes (5 goals),  and Philip Croft (2 goals).

Next game:  Warley B v Stafford, Wed 7th June

Photo needed!  See Final Division Three LeagueTable & Statistics 2016

Midland Women’s League 2016-17

Congratulations to all the players and supporting parents on winning the League!!

Warley including Jodie Stimpson Commonwealth 2014 Double Gold medalist in the Triathlon.



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Midland Junior League 2016-17

Boldmere  9 v 10 Warley   Sunday 19th March

In the final game of the Junior season Warley, from start to finish, played the better polo and created the most chances in each quarter.  Unfortunately, the final shot let them down and as a result they trailed for most of the game.  End of quarter scores were 2 v 1, 3 v 2, 2 v 3 and 4 v 3.  It wasn’t until middle of the last quarter that they went ahead and the score 9 v 10 finally reflected their superior play.  Congratulations to all the players who took part.  An added bonus is that all of the players who played this evening are eligible to play in next season’s competition.

Players and scorers for Warley were:  Simon Halstead (G/K, best performance of the season),  Kacper Brandys (3 goals), Cam Dallow (2 goals), Matthew Dixon (2 goals), Filip Koziankiewiez (1 goal), Lorcan Halstead, Andrew Sunderland (1 goal), Sam Thompson (1 goal) and Emlyn Morris,

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Wrekin Winter League 2016-17

Wasps  16 v 9  Worcester Crocadiles

Wasps took the 2nd quarter 6 v 1 and stamped their authority on this final fixture.  Albeit the other quarters were closer 1v 1 in the 1st and 4 v 4 and 5 v 3 in the 3rd & 4th quarters.  In fact, the Wasps had too many players and readily agreed to loan Worcester three players.

Wasps players and scorers in brackets were Simon Halstead (Youth, G/K), Will Merryweather (Excluded after just 2 minutes), Sam Dallow, Cam Dallow (Youth, 2 goals), Tom Griffiths (DNP), Nick Burrows (DNP), Alex Parsonage (2 goals), Andrew Sunderland (Junior, 3 goals), Eddy Smart (played for Worcester), Gareth Cheadle, Adam Whitehall (3 goals), Roger Kennedy (5 goals), Phil Croft (played for Worcester) Filip Koziankiewiez (Junior 1 goal) & John Halstead (played for Worcester).

Hornets 13 v 12 City of Coventry

Three nil down in the 1st quarter the Hornets, minus five key players who played in the last fixture, looked destined to lose for the first time this season.  However, 4 v 4 and 3 v 3 in the 2nd and 3rd quarters the Hornets didn’t look like they would roll over easily.  7 v 10 down going into the final quarter the Hornets reduced the arrears goals from Sam Thompson, Aaron Moorfield and Nathan Wilkes to make the score 10 v 12 with just 46s to go.  If the away team could keep possession for 30s, Warley would need to score 3 goals in 16s, an impossible task. However, Coventry gave the ball away and Nathan scored again, 11 v 12 with 25s left. Coventry tried to keep the ball and hold on to their lead, but their goal keeper was caught in possession, panicked and gave away a penalty.  Nathan converted giving him a hat-trick scored in just 34s, 12 v 12.  With just 12s left Coventry attacked, shot at goal. Substitute goal-keeper Bradley Iles saved the shot and immediately threw the ball the full length of the pool to score the WINNING GOAL with one second left on the clock!!!!!!!! The most amazing 46s of polo ever!!

Hornet players and scorers in brackets were Kacper Brandys (Youth, G/K 1st-3rd), Rhys , Aaron Moorfield (3 goals), Nathan Wilkes (6 goals), John Pridden (2 goals), Bradley Iles (winning goal), Sam Thompson (Youth, 1 goal) & Filip Koziankiewiez (Junior).

Final game:  Hornets v Stafford, Wed 8th March, 8:45pm

Wasps team at Wellington 7th Nov 2015 featuring the latest Father (John) and Son (Simon Halstead) duo.

Wasps team at Wellington 7th Nov 2015 featuring the latest Father (John) and Son (Simon Halstead) duo.