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Welcome to the Warley Water Polo website.  Warley was established in 1888 and plays in the Midland and Wrekin Leagues.  The club is situated about 3 miles west of Birmingham, in Bearwood, West Midlands, B67 5QY, England.

Latest News!!

  • Juniors draw 8 v 8 at home against Soliull (Wed 7th Feb)
  • Wasps win at home 22 v 10 against neighbours HGSOB in the Winter League (Wed 24th Jan)
  • At the Midland Water Polo League AGM (9th Jan 2018) it was decided that Warley would be allowed to play both A & B Senior teams in Division One this coming season and Junior players would be allowed to play for both teams.
  • End of season tournament (Monday 18th December) saw 27 Warley players divided into 3 teams: Bees, Hornets and Wasps producing a wonderful display of competitive polo with each team having a mix of the good, bad & ugly and senior, junior & youth players.  Scores were: Bees 5 v 5 Wasps, Hornets 10 v 7 Bees & Wasps 10 v 10 Hornets.
  • Youths (u16’s) won the Handsworth Tournament for the second year running ahead of HGSOB and Solihull, Friday 22nd Dec.
  • Warley A win the Division One Midland League Championship 2017 for the fifth consecutive year.
  • Warley B, having won Division Three in 2016, succeed in taking the Division Two title in 2017.
  • Warley succeed in a unique treble winning Senior Men’s Divisions 1 & 2 and Senior Women’s in the same year (2017), only ever achieved once before by a club.  The first time was in 2004 by Warley.

Winter Leagues 2018

Midland Junior League

Warley 8 v 8 Solihull Wed 7th Feb 2018

Both teams scored more goals in the first quarter than in the following quarters and Warley led for most of the game and would probably have won, but for missed chances.  At 7 v 7 going into the final quarter it looked like Solihull would steal both points as they finally took the lead, for the first time in the match, with just 2 minutes left.  Fortunately, Warley fought back to get a much deserved point.  

End of quarter scores were 5 v 3, 0 v 2, 2 v 2 & 1 v 1

Players and scorers for Warley were:  Simon Halstead (G/K,), Andrew Sunderland (3 goals), Kacper Brandys (injured), Matthew Dixon (1 goal), Jacen Wilkes, Sam Thompson (1 goal), Lorcan Halstead, Emlyn Morris, Joshua Blaze, Stephen Bond, Filip Koziankiewiez (2 goals) and Cam Dallow (1 goal).

Next game:  Warley v HGSOB, Wednesday 28th February 2018

See latest Midland Junior League Table for 2017-18 season.

Wrekin League

Hornets 18 v 4 Worcester     29th Nov 2017 

End of quarter scores were 3 v 0, 4 v 0, 5 v 3 & 6 v 1.

Hornets players and scorers in brackets were Simon Halstead (G/K), Andrew Sunderland (Junior, 2 goals), Aaron Moorfield (2 goals), Will Cornish (2 goals), Graham Harrington (1 goal), Nathan Wilkes (4 goals), Filip Koziankiewiez (Junior), Bradley Iles (Captain, 1 goal), Kacper Brandys, (Junior, 1 goal),  Roger Kennedy (4 goals) and John Pridden (1 goal).

Next game:   Sunday 11 th February,  Boldmere v Hornets

Wasps team at Wellington 7th Nov 2015 featuring the latest Father (John) and Son (Simon Halstead) duo.

Wasps team at Wellington 7th Nov 2015 featuring the latest Father (John) and Son (Simon Halstead) duo.




Worcester v Wasps  28th Jan 2018

Wasps lose away to Worcester, awaiting print-off of m/sheet.

End of quarter scores: 

Wasps players and scorers in brackets were John Halstead, Will Merryweather, Sam Dallow, Sam Thompson (Junior), Drazen Videc, Alex Parsonage, Adam Whitehall, Eddy Smart (G/K), Nick Burrows, Lorcan Halstead (Youth player) and Cam Dallow (Junior).

Next game:  Wasps v Warwick, Wednesday, 21st February


Midland League Division One – 2017

KO Final 2015Warley A  19 v 8 City of Coventry

Wasps win their final game of the season against Coventry to secure the League title for the fifth season running.  Congratulations to all the players who took part and Coach Chris Dickinson.

Warley players & scorers in brackets: John Halstead (G/K), Graham Harrington (1 goal), Aaron Moorfield, Nathan Wilkes (2 goals), Alex Parsonage (7 goals), John Pridden (2 goals), Drazen Videc (2 goals), Cam Dallow, Gareth Cheadle, Adam Whitehall (2 goals), Roger Kennedy (3 goals), Nick Burrows (Captain) and Coach Chris Dickinson. Dave Lane DNP (having had a long awaited wrist surgery).

Division One League Table 2017

Midland League Division Two – 2017

Oxford 12 v 11 Warley B 

Well done everyone on winning Division Two!!

Not surprisingly, after an 85 mile journey, the Bees lacked sting in the 1st quarter which effectively won the game for Oxford.  End of quarter scores were 3 v 1, 3 v 4, 3 v 3 & 3 v 3.  Many congratulations to all the players who took part.  Having won Division Three last year it was beyond expectations to win Division Two in their first season back.    

Warley players: Bradley Iles (Captain and took on the role of G/K), Sam Dallow (2 goals), Cam Dallow (Junior, 1 goal), Sam Thompson (Junior, 1 goal), Adam Whitehall (2 goals), Gareth Cheadle, and Nathan Wilkes (5 goals, guest appearance).

See Division Two League Table & Statistics 2017

Midland Youth League 2017

Warley  16 v 7  HGSOB  (Played at Wednesbury L.C.)

Warley concluded their season with another double, this time over local neighbours Handsworth.  Warley quickly took control of the game taking the first two quarters 4 v 0 & 6 v 2 to give a commanding half-time lead 10 v 2.  Unfortunately, the game lacked flow due to the referee continually stopping play for very minor “standing” fouls.  

Warley players and scorers in brackets: Simon Halstead (1st-3rd G/K, 2 goals in 4th), Matthew Dixon (6 goals), Lorcan Halstead (3 goals), Emlyn Morris,  Jacen Wilkes (1 goal), Priya Kennedy (1 goal, G/K 4th) , Arnav Tyagi (1 goal), Stephen Bond (1 goal), Joshua Blaze (1 goal) and Kealan Cheadle.

Midland Women’s League 2016-17

Congratulations to all the players and supporting parents on winning the League!!

Warley including Jodie Stimpson Commonwealth 2014 Double Gold medalist in the Triathlon.



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